The benefits of managed anti-virus software

According to Interpol and the FBI, cybercrime has increased over 400% since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic.1 No business, large or small, is immune from cyberattack. Anti-virus software is a small but important weapon in the arsenal of cybersecurity. Modern Networks provides enterprise anti-virus as part of our package of IT managed services. But what are the benefits of having anti-virus software managed by someone else?

Good cybersecurity is like a medieval fortress. Instead of having a moat, massive walls, guard towers, sentries and a keep, you have security policies, access controls, firewalls, anti-virus and data encryption. Of course, most firms want to spend their valuable time focused on core business activities rather than repelling cyberattacks. Using an experienced IT services provider like Modern Networks means you can concentrate on the important stuff while we keep the bad guys at bay.

The benefits of managed anti-virus software include:

    • Centrally managed

Modern Networks manages your anti-virus centrally so everyone across your network always has the latest protection on every device. Staff cannot switch off or uninstall the software.

    • Continually monitored

Modern Networks continually monitors your network and connected devices to ensure everything is secure. We also apply the latest security patches, bug fixes and upgrades.

    • Minimal impact

Modern Networks enterprise anti-virus runs invisibly in the background with minimal impact on your systems. Many entry-level anti-virus products can have a negative impact system performance.

    • Rapid response

Modern Networks can quickly identify, isolate and remove any threat. We also work with you to ensure you have the right backup and regularly tested data recovery solution.

    • 24/7 tech support

Modern Networks UK Service Desk provides fast, reliable 24/7 technical support.

    • Security awareness

Modern Networks offers centrally managed Security Awareness Training (SAT) to help educate your staff about everything from malware, ransomware and phishing attacks to data protection regulations.

Today, no organisation can afford to be without robust security precautions. Modern Networks enterprise anti-virus is just one of the weapons we use to help protect our customers from the majority of common threats.

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