Ascent 1, Farnborough Aerospace Centre

Ascent 1 Farnborough Aerospace Centre

Jamie was extremely helpful and knowledgeable and fixed the issue quickly. Thank you!

Sasha Parkes, Reception, Ascent 1, Farnborough Aerospace Centre

Based within Farnborough Aerospace Centre, one of the leading business parks in the M3 corridor, Ascent 1 provides up to 75,000 square feet of office space and a wide range of amenities. Sasha Parkes, Receptionist, Ascent 1, requested support from Modern Networks Service Desk with a number of simple but essential tasks. First, Jamie Maycock, 1st Line Engineer, remotely accessed the reception PC and reset the Outlook email password. Next, he setup MFA (multi-factor authentication). Checked that everything was working, and demonstrated how to access Outlook using the web browser. Later, Sasha raised a second service ticket, whereby Jamie remotely removed a personal instance of Microsoft OneDrive, Cloud backup and file share application, and replaced it with the work version.

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