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The True Cost of Outsourcing IT?

by Charlie Trumpess

 23rd March 2016 3:33 pm

IT management is a multi-disciplined activity and employing all of the skills necessary to effectively manage your IT systems is a large undertaking.

Quite simply, for all but the largest of Enterprise organisations it’s almost impossible to in-house all of the IT skills your business needs.

In most cases organisations will choose to keep their core competence in-house alongside any activity where they need to control an end-to-end process. Outsourcing non-core activity to a third-party means that your internal IT resources can focus on innovation – that helps them differentiate themselves, which should translate to competitive advantage for your business in your market place.

Many organisations find that they can significantly reduce their costs by working with Modern Networks to provide them with IT management services. Costs are fixed and always agreed in advance. The investment that we make in management systems and the processes that we have developed over many years frequently means that we can manage systems for less than an in-house team can. We are also much more so when your needs change, altering our service is far easier and less costly than reducing your own staffing levels.

Our clients often use our services to address risk. When organisations manage their systems in-house, knowledge builds up in key individuals, this knowledge that is nearly always insufficiently documented creates constraints, which can put a business at risk should anything happen to these key individuals. Circumstances change and people move on. By partnering with Modern Networks the reliance on individuals is eliminated. We are long established service provider that uses industry standard processes to manage infrastructure, with many experts in each area, eliminating the reliance on individuals.

We partner with IT teams and the business as a whole to achieve an understanding of what the business needs – their service catalogue – and the true cost of that service delivery, and the key performance indicators. Only then can you really begin to informed decisions about what to and what not to outsource.

You may ask the question – why do it yourself when you can work with another provider, like Modern Networks, who can do it faster, better and cheaper?