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Not-for-profit Dimensions enjoys better communications; significant savings

by Charlie Trumpess

 11th December 2013 5:26 pm

Dimensions is a non-for-profit organisation  looking after adults and children with learning difficulties and/or autism. With pressure on funding, an absolute priority is ensuring available resources are directed at further improving the efficiency of the organisation.

Reducing the time spent by managers travelling to meetings, client conferences and training sessions was a core objective; saving hours of time that could be spent at their places of work. Video conferencing had been installed and was some improvement but still required travel to conferencing suites positioned around the UK. It wasn’t a complete solution.

The internal IT team searched for a product that would integrate effectively with existing systems and significantly improve all communications between staff members, particularly managers, wherever they were located. The team settled on Microsoft Lync and selected Modern Networks to manage the installation throughout the extensive network of Dimensions offices across the UK and for all home-based staff.

From the early stages of the roll out it was evident that Lync offered a great range of benefits for the organisation and all the end-users: full integration with all the other Microsoft products used by Dimensions; an ease of use appreciated by all staff; instant messaging; the ability to see the in/out/busy/away from desk status of other system users; Skype-like speech only or video calls; is video conferencing; simpler training sessions for remote staff; the ability to use headsets for hands-free calls whilst accessing data required; up to 70% savings on travel time and, critically important, major cost savings.

Steve Scown, Dimensions CEO said “Lync has proved to be one of our best investments, we’re clearly getting significant payback – even in year one!”

Ray Fletcher, Head of IT for Dimensions was delighted: “a major success.”

‘AJ’ Willis, L & D, Helpdesk Agent, speaking for the front line team said: “Incredibly simple, everything was logical and familiar .. you felt like you could just pick it up and go with it. Plus we can see whether (internally) someone’s available or not when we’re on a call which is very useful. It makes everyone feel that bit more connected.”


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