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Escalation & Complaints Procedure

Here at Modern Networks we’re always working hard to make sure your experience is as satisfactory as possible.

If something has fallen below the standards you expect, we have a procedure to help you deal with the issue quickly and simply.

This code gives you all the information you need, it tells you:

  • How to get in touch if you’re not happy
  • What we’ll do and when
  • What to do if things still aren’t right

Stage 1: Contact Us

How to get in touch if you’re not happy about:

Stage 2: Escalation 

If you’re still not happy:

Stage 3: Raise a Complaint

Complaints Code of Practice
This complaints code gives you all the information you need if you want to complain.


Please Remember to Include:

  • A full description of the complaint and any relevant supporting data
  • The requested remedy
  • The products or related services complained about
  • Contact details

If you can’t raise a complaint yourself, you can ask someone with access to your information to do it for you.
If you’d like a paper copy of the complaints code of practice (for free) please ask us using the contact details above.

What to Do and When

What to do if things still aren’t right:

For Broadband and Telephony Complaints Only:

If after contacting us by phone, email or letter you’re not happy about the provision of the communication services you can :
Pass your complaint to our Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) scheme (which is run by Ombudsman Services: Communications) if:

  • your complaint has been going on for eight weeks.
  • we’ve sent you a ‘deadlock’ letter which means there’s nothing more we can do to solve your complaint. You can ask for a ‘deadlock’ letter at any time but please give us the chance to try and fix the problem first.

Ombudsman Services Communications provides a free independent service for customers who aren’t satisfied with the final outcome of their complaint. They’ll only take complaints that sit within the ADR scheme. They are unable to deal with complaints about commercial policy (like our prices or broadband availability). Nor can they deal with complaints from businesses with more than ten employees.

You must contact the Ombudsman within 12 months of getting your ‘deadlock’ letter.
You can:

  • find out more at
  • phone them on 0330 440 1614
  • textphone them on 0330 440 1600
  • write to them at Ombudsman Services: Communications, PO Box 730, Warrington, WA4 6WU

For IT Services and Any Other Complaints:

Phone: +44(0) 1462 426 540
Write: Modern Networks Ltd, 18 Knowl Piece, Wilbury Way , Hitchin, Herts SG4 0TY