Modern Networks is a premium IT managed service provider working with hundreds of UK companies and not-for-profit organisations to deliver digital business transformation. Our managed IT services include hardware, software, cyber security, Cloud, UK service desk, remote monitoring, systems management, backup and disaster recovery.

Enterprise Technology Solutions

 Managed Services

Modern Networks enables enterprises to harness the power of managed ICT services to drive business transformation, improve efficiency, reduce operating costs, encourage greater collaboration and leverage mobile.

Today, organisations understand they must embrace technological change and innovation to remain competitive. Outdated, legacy systems are increasingly difficult to maintain, expensive and incompatible with newer systems. However, embarking on the road to digital transformation can seem daunting. In reality, the key to digital transformation success is to place your customers’ needs and organizational objectives at the centre of the process. Once made, these critical decisions will inform your technology choices.

Modern Networks works with hundreds of businesses and not-for-profit organisations across the UK to deliver transformational IT solutions. Whether its Cloud storage, data centre, software applications or enabling your mobile workforce, Modern Networks partners with the best technology manufacturers to ensure your project’s success.

Outsourcing your IT infrastructure offers a range of business benefits:

  • Low upfront and predictable monthly costs
  • Operational budget versus capital expenditure
  • Best solutions, expertly designed and supported
  • Permit business critical transformation
  • Peace of mind
    • systems monitored
    • fast issue resolution
    • backup
    • disaster recovery
    • risk mitigation
  • Service continuity – more uptime, happier customers
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Improve collaboration
  • Leverage mobile
  • Greater business efficiency and performance
  • Release internal IT for high value tasks

Managed Services

Typically, Modern Networks managed IT services are delivered on a monthly subscription basis, and leverage Web-based remote monitoring and management tools that operate across distributed, multi-customer infrastructures. We offer:

  • Remote monitoring and management of systems – identify and resolve issues before they ever become problems
  • Comprehensive UK based systems and device support ensures an immediate response to all service requests
  • Backup and disaster recovery safeguards your systems and restores functionality with minimal impact on business operations

 IT as a Service

Today’s organisations need to be able to adapt quickly to changing market conditions and new customer requirements. That means a heavy reliance on IT systems and telephony. Traditional models of IT purchasing and consumption are fast making way for a different service based approach. IT-as-a-service (ITaaS) gives you greater flexibility, scalability, improved budget management and reduced startup costs. Why allow unreliable, increasingly costly legacy systems hobble your business efforts? Instead, you can have the latest technologies and support services driving your business forward at a predictable monthly cost.

Modern Networks IT-as-a-service catalogue includes:

  • Device-as-a-Service (DaaS)
  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)
  • Network-as-a-Service (NaaS)
  • Monitoring-as-a-Service (MaaS)
  • Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS)
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
  • Communications-as-a-Service (CaaS)

Our business is built around service. Whether we provide you with a managed service to run your IT systems, or provide you with professional services to complete a project, our focus is always on service excellence.

Service Desk

Our UK-based service desk is available 6 days a week and acts as the first point of contact for the end user. All of our 1st and 2nd line service desk engineers have been trained to resolve incidents and service requests, quickly and to the complete satisfaction of our customers.

We support a whole range of devices and can handle incidents and service requests for anything that it is possible to manage using ITIL processes.

Access to the service desk is available by phone, email or through our web portal.

CBRE Management Services entrusts us to run its service desk so that its building, property and facilities managers have a single point of contact for all their IT requirements.

Desktop Services

We provide both remote and on-site desktop support that covers PCs, Macs, smartphones and tablets. In fact, we cover all the ICT systems that your employees use every day.

Our proactive management tools simplify the deployment of applications, the management of anti-virus software and can automate the backups of remote workers.


Network Management

We have a UK-based Network Operations Centre that monitors our clients’ links, routers and firewalls continuously.

Using our management tools, we are able to report on the utilisation of your network, identifying areas for improvement and optimisation.



Server Management

We perform server management for organisations of all sizes. We manage Windows and Linux servers and have a 24/7 engineering capability.

Our management capabilities extend to storage area networks (SAN) from the leading vendors including NetApp, EMC, HP and Dell EqualLogic.

When telemarketing agency Blue Donkey needed a trusted partner to manage their server environment, they chose Modern Networks.

IT Infrastructure Cabling

A Modern Networks group company RADD Telecoms are structured cabling specialists in Voice, Data and Fibre Optic networks.

It is vital to any network to have a cabling system that can support the requirements both now and in the future. We design all of our networks with an eye on the future requirements of our clients.


Backup as a Service

Enterprise end-to-end data protection, Backup as a Service (BaaS) is designed from the ground up for the Cloud and Cloud-based service delivery. Centralised configuration and monitoring simplifies backup and restore management whether you are protecting a single server within your organisation or hundreds of devices across your complete IT estate.



Cloud Services

Agile, tech-savvy businesses steal a lead on their competitors by making the most of Cloud-based services. The Cloud provides you with the technologies you need without any of the costs, long lead times or headaches often associated with large-scale IT projects. Cloud services provide you with enormous business benefits. You only pay for the services you use. You’ve got no expensive assets depreciating on your balance sheet. Instead, you can scale-up your business quickly and add new services the moment you need them. If you think Cloud services might be what your business needs, then contact us now.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Our SaaS provides Exchange and Office functionality, remote backup and line of business application delivery. We can use either our own Cloud platform, or those of the leading providers such as Microsoft’s Office365.

SaaS gives your business the flexibility to consume IT services as they are required without tying up the capital to buy and build the systems used.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Building infrastructure is a complex undertaking. The cost of servers and storage can tie up lots of capital that depreciates quickly. Perhaps you’re a new business that doesn’t have the funds to invest in the infrastructure that you need to build on. Does demand on your infrastructure fluctuate wildly?

Using IaaS transfers the investment and management responsibility to us, whilst you benefit from high performance systems that are always current.

ICT Solution

Modern Networks have delivered hundreds of innovative ICT solutions for a variety of business challenges. Our teams are amongst the most experienced in the world. Our technology solutions are designed to make organisations more collaborative, more productive and more customer focused.

Data Centre

Modern Networks builds data centres based around proven design architectures. We provide you with turnkey computing, storage and networking solutions. In doing so, we can help your organisation reduce costs, deliver applications faster and increase productivity.

We helped Make Architects build a state of the art computing platform based on FlexPod. FlexPod is a data centre solution based on Cisco computing and NetApp storage. Our solution was able to grow in line with the organisation, and it’s this scalability and performance benefits that allowed Make Architects to expand without incurring additional management overheads.


Modern Networks design and build IT networks using Cisco’s comprehensive range of routing, switching, wireless and security products. We help businesses transport their data quickly and securely around the world.

Over the years we have built everything from campus local area networks (LAN) and wireless networks to global MPLS wide area networks (WAN) that form the backbone of organisations’ ICT infrastructures.

When Beacon Capital wanted to deploy a high speed network in their flagship CityPoint building, Modern Networks installed a Cisco solution – providing a LAN to carry voice, video and data.


Today’s collaborative workforce is often dispersed across different departments, multiple sites, numerous geographic locations and time zones. People come together to work on a myriad of projects. Collaborative tools and technologies can prove invaluable for streamlining your work processes, sharing knowledge and expertise, making your people more efficient and effective.

Modern Networks builds its collaborative solutions using a range of products from the leading technology providers. Our solutions use the latest voice, presence, instant messaging and video technologies from Cisco and Microsoft.

Top Right Group is a global media and events organization. As part of a large-scale business transformation project the Top Right Group wanted a global collaboration platform that enabled its staff to work together from anywhere using voice, video, and secure document sharing. Read the full story.



We serve clients not only in the UK but across the globe. We provide all types of telephone lines, including non-geographic services such as 0845 numbers. We create bespoke products for each industry from our portfolio and create services that have been tailored to meet your specific needs.

We work with the principal carriers, such as BT, so you know that our services are of the highest quality. Our offer extends beyond simply billing provision. We also have services as diverse as project management and bill analysis, through to fraud detection.

SIP or Internet telephony is a feature rich technology that lets you do things ISDN cannot. Present specific numbers regardless of type or location. Rationalise your telephony estate into a single solution making management easier. Make more efficient use of channels; increase or decrease your provision as required. A resilient solution, SIP ensures business continuity during freak weather events, for example.

SIP eliminates the physical connection to your phone provider. Instead of multiple phone lines, hardware and caballing there is just one point of entry to your business. This reduces the costs of incoming lines and the related maintenance.

A SIP solution can help reduce capital expenditure by consolidating voice and data networks into one. SIP does not require a separate line. A SIP solution is scalable and flexible, adapting to the changing needs of your business. In addition to savings, SIP delivers a better quality service than analogue. Deployment is far quicker and the system allows you to choose your preferred number identities. In some cases, SIP technology can halve your calling costs.

Internet Access

From ADSL and fibre broadband to 10GB Ethernet, we have Internet access solutions for both on-premise and data centre requirements.

We work with the leading IP transit providers – because it’s not simply about bandwidth, it’s about reliable connectivity and actual throughput.

Enterprise Data

With workloads centralising, the Wide Area Network (WAN) is an increasingly important aspect of any user’s IT systems. We build enterprise WANs based on MPLS, VPLS and Ethernet services for our clients.

Our services can be provided globally and extend from 10Mbps through to 10Gbps Ethernet.


A mobile workforce can help lower business overheads with a reduction of expensive office space and all that entails. Mobile workers tend to be happier, more productive and healthier, taking fewer sick days. Mobile working also drives down staff turnover, reducing recruitment costs. Naturally, protecting the integrity of your company and client data when outside the office is always a priority and legal requirement. A combination of the right security policies, procedures and mobile technologies will minimize the risks and ensure regulatory compliance.

Our mobile solution use the O2 and Vodafone networks. Because we design our own tariffs and are not tied to those created by the networks, we can build the most advantageous pricing plan for your organisation.

We realise that no single platform suits everyone, so we provide technology across the most common mobile operating systems including Apple iOS, Microsoft, Android and Blackberry.

And we don’t just stop at the handset; we can provide a complete managed service from handset deployment and replacement through to Mobile Device Management (MDM).


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