The benefits of using a password manager

Simple passwords are embarrassingly easy to crack such as Fluffy123. Long, complex passwords that contain many alphanumeric characters like 7Ku&Rw33%lH6?4Hs9/tr! are harder to crack but a nightmare to remember. That’s where a password manager can help you.

The benefits of using a password manager for your business include:

• it’s easier for staff to use unique passwords that are harder for an attacker to guess (this increases the quality of passwords in your organisation)
• your staff don’t need to remember as many passwords – reducing this burden can reduce their reliance on insecure workarounds such as writing passwords down somewhere
• you can use the same password manager across multiple devices
• password managers are easy to use
• some password managers support multi-factor authentication (MFA), which makes the system doubly secure. A potential attacker would need both your master password and your security token, usually an app on your mobile phone, text message, facial recognition or fingerprint (not that easy to crack).

To learn more about the security benefits of password managers and multi-factor authentication (MFA) contact Modern Networks now.

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