SharePoint Basic Training

New to SharePoint? This Basic Training video will get you started.

Video subtitles

Click the CC (closed caption) icon at the bottom-right of the video screen to toggle subtitles on/off for those with a hearing disability.

This 20-minute video is a recording of a basic training webinar on Microsoft SharePoint. All your documents easily accessible anywhere, on any device.

In the webinar we cover:

  • Navigation
  • Search types
  • Action Menu
  • Documents
  • Upload documents
  • Downloads
  • Share
  • Link settings & restrictions
  • Access control
  • Version history
  • Signing into SharePoint
  • Basic SharePoint homepage setup.


Take our SharePoint Basic Training quiz to test your understanding. Score 80% and you will be awarded a Certificate of Achievement. Answer all questions, provide your name, email and hit submit. Your score will appear at the bottom of the page instantly. Your certificate will be emailed to you.

SharePoint Basic Training Quiz

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