How to install mobile apps on your Android device

Do you want to install mobile apps on your Android mobile device?

Video subtitles

Click the CC (closed caption) icon at the bottom-right of the video screen to toggle subtitles on/off for those with a hearing disability.


  1. Tap Play Store icon from your Homescreen
  2. Type the name of the App you want into the Search field at the top of the screen or browse the App categories
  3. Select the App you want and tap INSTALL
  4. A Window will open asking for permission to access certain features, functionality or data on your mobile device.
  5. Tap ACCEPT to give the App permission to access your device and data. IMPORTANT: Contact your IT administrator if you have any doubts about allowing an App permission to your mobile data.
  6. The App will download and install.
  7. The App icon will appear in your App Menu and Homescreen.
  8. Tap to open the App and start working.
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