View The differences between Zoom and Microsoft Teams

The differences between Zoom and Microsoft Teams

Today, working from home is the new normal. As a result, there has been a stampede for video conferencing software. Two of the most prominent and popular applications are Zoom and Microsoft Teams. However, they offer very different services and user experiences. In this article, we will look at how to decide which to use….

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View Video conference etiquette and checklist

Video conference etiquette and checklist

Even before the Coronavirus outbreak, video conferencing was becoming an extremely popular method of business communication. Of course, many more people are now working from home and using video conferencing for the first time. Like any other form of human communication, video conferencing has its own rules and etiquette. That’s why Modern Networks have produced…

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View Service Desk Update

Service Desk Update

During this unprecedented period of demand, Modern Networks Service Desk call volumes have more than doubled. However, our dedicated team of service engineers have risen to the challenge admirably. Currently, the average call-waiting time is 1 minute and 20 seconds. Nevertheless, at peak times we have experienced call queuing times of up to 10 minutes….

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