When disaster strikes will your commercial property weather the storm?

When disaster strikes, will your commercial property weather the storm? In this article, we have briefly outlined the things you need to consider when choosing a data backup solution, and how to create your own disaster recovery plans. To help you get to grips with the basics, we have also created a handy infographic that doubles as a checklist that you can download and share.

When disaster strikes

In today’s digital world, data is the lifeblood of commerce. Approximately 188 million emails are sent globally every 60-seconds1. That’s a lot of data being saved to desktop computers, servers, laptops and mobile devices. Now, image your business suffers a power outage, the server room floods, the building catches fire and you are hit by a cyberattack. Unlikely, right? Well, according to Home Office fire and rescue statistics, there were over 182,000 fires attended last year2. Similarly, Kent Fire and Rescue Service have dealt with 66 incidents at commercial properties in the last five years3.

Flood damage caused by February’s Storm Dennis is estimated to have cost insurers £225 million4. Additionally, a RICS Research Report on Flood Risk Mitigation and Commercial Property Advice stated the UK insurance industry paid out approximately £446 million in business claims after the winter 2013-14 flood event5. In 2019, over half of UK businesses suffered a cyberattack, an increase of 15% on the previous year6. Regrettably, businesses are hit by unforeseen incidents every day. Luckily, most of them recover. However, lose all your data and the effect can be ruinous.

The costs of a crisis

Across Europe, an average 37-million hours of lost productivity are due to unexpected downtime every year7. Every extra hour it takes you to recover your systems and data following a cyberattack, data breach or natural disaster will cost you more money. What’s more, research by the University of Texas found that 51% of companies that suffer a catastrophic data loss go out of business within two years. The faster you can recover your systems and data following an incident the better the outcome will be.

Data backup solutions

First, you will need a robust data backup solution. There are many different backup solutions available. Things to consider before making your choice of backup system include reliability, security, accessibility, compliance, ease-of-use, technical support and cost. We also recommend you follow the data backup ‘Rule of Three’: keep 3 copies of your data; save data onto 2 different types of storage media; and store 1 copy of your data offsite. Finally, it is essential that you run regular restoration tests of your backup systems. Remember, your backup system is worthless if you cannot restore your data when needed.

Disaster recovery plan

Next, you need a disaster recovery plan to wrap around your backup solution. Things to think about when preparing your disaster recovery plan are the likelihood of certain events (risk assessment), the possible outcomes (business impact analysis), security precautions, the criticality of data you want to recover, how frequently you run backups and who will perform them. You will also want to do some scenario planning such as how you will respond to a full systems failure, power outage, fire or flood. What emergency equipment will you need, for instance? Make sure you document the various processes and procedures of your plan. Then ensure that all your staff know what to do in a crisis. Lastly, you will want to test the robustness of your plans to confirm they work as predicted.

Prepared to weather the storm

Losing data can be stressful, inconvenient and costly. However, having the right data backup solution and disaster recovery plan can be the difference between weathering the storm and going under. To help you, Modern Networks have created a Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan infographic that summarises how best to protect your data and safeguard your business.

Download infographic as PDF

Download infographic as .PNG image file

To learn more about data backup solutions and disaster recovery planning, contact Modern Networks now.


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