Time to adopt Windows 10

Time to Adopt Windows 10

The clock is ticking for those companies still using Windows 7. Time is almost up. In contrast, Windows 10 offers a more economical use of memory, increased security features, improved file management and integration with Office 365 and Cloud services. Windows 10 also has a range of features completely absent in Windows 7 such as a voice-activated personal assistant called Cortana, based on artificial intelligence (AI) technology, search the Web from your desktop, virtualisation and access to the Windows App Store.

A mobile workforce

For organisations that have a dispersed workforce, rely on mobile devices and Cloud services, Microsoft 365 provides a secure, collaborative work environment. Microsoft 365 integrates Windows 10 operating system, Office 365 productivity suite, Enterprise Mobility and Security.

A good start

The Windows 10 user interface is a little different from Windows 7. Microsoft have gone for a ‘flat design’ that incorporates some of the tile features seen in the much-reviled Windows 8. Nevertheless, the user interface is intuitive, easy to navigate and provides the same experience across multiple devices. What’s more, the familiar and popular Start menu is back in Windows 10 after disappearing from Windows 8.

Edge on Explorer

Windows 10 comes equipped with Microsoft Edge Internet browser, the replacement for Explorer. According to Microsoft, Edge is 37% faster at finding what you need than Google Chrome. Microsoft Edge enjoys beefed up security so that even if the browser is infected it will not affect your operating system. Malware and viruses are isolated or ‘sandboxed’ to prevent harm. Microsoft Edge integrates with the voice-activated personal assistant Cortana, enhancing search capabilities. There is also a wide range of extensions to boost your browser’s capabilities.

Pick up where you left off

Windows 10 provides a range of productivity tools that are ideal for remote and mobile workers. The ‘Pick Up Where I Left Off’ feature enables you to continue working on a document while switching devices. This means you can start working on a document on your smartphone or tablet. Later, you can continue working on the same document, where you left off, when you log onto your laptop, for example.

Security, security, security

Windows 10 is significantly more secure than Windows 7. Windows Defender Smart Screen helps prevent phishing and malware attacks. Defender Application Guard places suspect software in isolation where it cannot do any harm. Defender Device Guard ensures that only authorised, trusted apps are able to run. Defender Exploit Guard provides network protection and restricts access to folders. Defender Credential Guard isolates secrets, protecting you from credential theft attacks. User Account Control (UAC) prevents malware running and unauthorised systems changes by restricting user privileges.

Data protection

Windows 10 also offers file, folder and full-disk encryption with Microsoft Bitlocker. Encryption provides data security at all times. It also prevents anyone from altering your data by accident or design. Encryption can help ensure your data remains private and enable you to show regulatory compliance. Extremely important for mobile and remote workers, encryption protects data as it moves between devices. Devices running Windows 7 without a TPM (Trusted Platform Module) chip will find running Bitlocker extremely difficult.

A virtual world

One of the most powerful tools in Windows 10 is its built-in virtualization platform, Hyper-V. Using Hyper-V, you can create virtual Windows 7 environments while retaining all the benefits of Windows 10, such as enhanced security. This can be a big help to organisations who want to move to Windows 10 but are reliant on old software that cannot be easily replaced.

Time to change

By January 2020, Windows 7 will no longer receive support, updates, bug fixes or security patches. Windows 7 will not stop working overnight, but gradually its performance, reliability and security will degrade. Moving to Windows 10 is easy enough for one or two users. However, medium and larger enterprises will need time to plan their Windows 10 migrations, and the clock is ticking.

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