Printer security

printer back door

Hacker’s backdoor

At the end of 2018, around 100,000 businesses across the world had their printers hijacked by a mysterious hacker called Giraffe. The hacker forced printers to create posters supporting Swedish YouTube star Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg also known as PewDiePie. The hack took less than half an hour to perform and was executed using two freely available tools. Although the stunt did no real harm, it demonstrates just how vulnerable many businesses are to attack via their printer network and other Internet-connected devices. An unsecured printer represents a backdoor into your network just waiting to be exploited.

Data loss

Everyday workers print, scan, copy and share confidential documents. It’s a key business activity. Nonetheless, how much oversight and control do you have? In 2017, a Quocirca study found over 80% of companies had concerns about print-related data loss, with 63% reporting actual losses in the past year.

Rogue employees

A recent survey found that staff accidentally or maliciously cause one in every four data breaches. How often do business critical documents and confidential files sit unclaimed in printer trays across your organisation? Under EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) this constitutes a data breach. Failure to comply with data protection regulations can mean eye-watering fines, bad publicity and lost business.

Get a grip

Print systems can be complex, spanning multiple devices, networks, and operating systems. Print management can quickly become a costly administrative burden, security blind spot and compliance nightmare. To get a handle on things, you need to know who is printing what and why. You need some sensible rules and policies to keep you compliant. You also need to ensure document and device security without it becoming a barrier to productivity.

Network security

Today’s, printers, copiers and multifunction devices are fully-fledged network computers and must be secured against cyber-attack. Modern Networks managed print solutions automatically monitors, manages and controls your printer fleet. We can restrict who has access to which printers and what they can do. We can control walk-up access by authenticating users with a swipecard, PIN code or username and password.

Data protection

Modern Networks encrypts data on our multifunction devices. We securely wipe the hard drives when printers reach end-of-life. Audit trails and printer activity reports mean you always know who is printing what and when. Our secure print release function ensures no document is left sitting in the printer tray, where anyone can snatch it.

Security features include:

  • Access control & user permissions
  • Secure network integration
  • Fax telephone line segregation
  • Data encryption
  • Document & email security
  • Audit trail & reporting
  • Data overwrite/erase feature

Download our Managed Print data sheet.

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