Press release: protecting you from Nyetya Ransomware

Hitchin, Hertfordshire – Friday 30th June, 2017. Once again, the world has been rocked by a large-scale cyberattack. This week (26th June 2017), we have seen Nyetya ransomware strike dozens of companies and institutions including advertising agencies, law firms, food manufacturers and freight shippers. A new variant of the Petya computer virus, Nyetya locks its victims out of their own systems until a bitcoin ransom is paid. Although similar in some respects to the recent WannaCry malware attack that overwhelmed some NHS Trusts back in May 2017, Nyetya is a different animal.

Patch management

As the consequences of this latest attack grow and spread around the world, it underlines the importance of patch management as a critical part of any integrated cyber security strategy. As expert providers of IT managed services to the commercial property sector, Modern Networks automatically patches systems vulnerabilities as they are identified. In the case of the Nyetya virus, the required MS17-010 security patch was already in place, protecting our clients and our own critical systems. Any device not currently on a building’s network for some reason will automatically update and patch once connected.

Act now

For those not currently protected by Modern Networks, we strongly advise that you update your anti-virus software immediately and seek professional IT support to ensure your systems are safe.

Additional reading

To learn a little more about the importance of patch management as part of a layered approach to cyber security, read our blog post on the subject. <hyperlink to our blog post on patch management>

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Naturally, if you have any concerns whatsoever about your IT security, you should contact your Modern Networks account manager or our Service Desk now.


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