Cyber security services

Today, no one can afford to ignore the threat from cybercrime. The first step in protecting yourself from cyber threats is to understand where you are vulnerable. Next, you need a defence-in-depth approach to your security. This means training your staff to recognise and respond to common threats. You need clear processes and procedures to tackle security incidents. You also need to invest in technology such as firewalls, access control, anti-virus and data backup. By having an awareness of the risks and taking basic security precautions, you can defend against most common threats, show good governance and comply with data protection regulations.

Basic cyber security checklist:

  • Introduce IT policies & security procedures
  • Setup & configure firewalls correctly
  • Setup access controls & user privileges
  • Setup security software such as anti-virus & Web protection
  • Update software regularly & install security patches
  • Monitor systems for suspicious activity
  • Use reliable data backup solutions
  • Train staff to raise awareness of security threats.

A leading provider of IT and telecoms to the UK’s commercial property sector, Modern Networks offers a range of cyber security solutions that taken together provide a defence-in-depth against most common threats.

Cyber Security Assessment

A Cyber Security Assessment (CSA) evaluates and reports on how vulnerable your network is to common cyber-security threats. Modern Networks will scan your IT systems and make a thorough assessment of your hardware, software, setup and access controls. Next, we will produce a detailed report on the current state of your IT security. The report will highlight all the risks based on threat level, and the actions needed to fix them.

Security Awareness Training

Modern Networks Security Awareness Training (SAT) is an engaging, interactive online learning program, which educates employees about the latest cyber security threats, IT best practice and regulatory compliance. Delivered in monthly modules with quarterly simulated phishing attacks, our online learning system tracks every user’s participation, making all cybersecurity training accountable and measureable.

Endpoint Protection

Modern Networks Endpoint Protection helps protect your computers from malware and other threats as they appear. Using a combination of advanced detection techniques and powerful Cloud-based threat intelligence data, our software is continually updating as threats evolve. It’s easily deployed and inexpensive.

Web Protection

Modern Networks Web Protection helps safeguard your business and users from Internet threats without blocking legitimate web use. It protects office based, remote and mobile workers from cyber-attacks by blocking access to the most dangerous websites and web content automatically. It’s quick and easy to setup, and the service can be tailored to meet your company’s own Internet use policies.

Office 365 with secure sign-on

Office 365 enables your users to work anywhere, on any device with confidence and security. In addition to Outlook email and popular Office applications such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint, you can host meetings, share documents and manage projects with Teams, OneDrive and SharePoint. You will automatically receive the latest software updates and security patches as they happen. We also recommend you enable multi-factory authentication (MFA), a secure method of user sign-on.

Desktop Backup

Modern Networks desktop backup service protects the valuable data stored on your PCs from loss due to theft, accidental damage or hacking. Multiple copies of your data are stored automatically in different locations to ensure it’s always recoverable.

Server Backup

Modern Networks server backup simplifies the restoration of your servers, providing a comprehensive, automated, offsite backup of your data. Our service will reduce the impact of an outage, system failure or cyber-attack, making it quicker and easier to restore.

Service Desk

Modern Networks Service Desk provides fast, reliable technical support by email, telephone and remote access tools. We can monitor your network and alert you to any suspicious activity. We can also offer you onsite support, where necessary, and an optional out-of-hours service for business critical incident cover.

Download a copy of Modern Networks security services to tackle most common threats.

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