Microsoft Excel worksheets save you time

Microsoft Excel is great for number crunching

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet app that enables you to build formulas, functions, tables and graphs. As a result, Excel makes it easy for you to crunch numbers. With Excel, you can streamline data entry with AutoFill. Next, get chart recommendations based on your data, and create them with one click. Excel also helps you easily spot trends and patterns within your data. The following collection of short training videos will help you save some time when using Microsoft Excel.

Excel: Always see the headings when scrolling

Excel is great for looking at lots of data, but when you can’t see the column or row headers, you have to scroll back and forth to check what the data means. Did you know there’s a great time saver which can lock the headers in place? Here’s how to do it.


Excel: Easily zoom in and out

When you’re looking at data in Excel, make sure you’re looking at the big picture (or the small one) by using the Zoom function. This video shows you how to easily zoom in and out.


Excel: Get back to the top of your worksheet without scrolling

If your Excel worksheet (spreadsheet) is very long, it can take a lot of scrolling to get back to the top. Find out how to do it quickly, without moving the mouse or endless scrolling. It’s a great time-saving shortcut you’ll use over and over.


Excel: See all your data in columns and rows instantly

Sometimes in an Excel worksheet the columns need to be adjusted so you can see the data clearly. Rather than trying to change all the column and row sizes manually, this video shows you how to do it in just a few clicks.


Excel: Don’t duplicate data entry, Flash Fill instead

Do you find yourself typing duplicate numbers and text into Excel? You can speed up this time-wasting process by using the clever Flash Fill feature. It will save you typing in the same data multiple times. Here’s how to use it.


Excel: Useful SUMs without formulas

Excel is great for calculations with formulas. However, sometimes you just want to calculate a sum without creating a formula. We have the ultimate Excel hack for you. This video shows you how to do super-fast sums without formulas.


Excel: Turn numbers into currency with one click

If you’re using Microsoft Excel to track budgets and other financial data, you will want the correct currency symbol alongside the numbers. Here’s how to turn numbers into money with just one click.


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