Make the most of OneDrive for Business Cloud storage

As part of Microsoft 365, you get 1TB (terabyte) of OneDrive Cloud storage per license. That’s enough storage space for 6.5 million documents or 250,000 photos.1 OneDrive for Business lets you access all your files from any device. All the files you most recently opened, worked on or shared are easily accessible and organised chronologically in time/date order. You can also see if other members of your team have modified a file since you last opened it. Anything you work on is automatically backed up to the Cloud.

Work offline

If your device is not connected to the Internet, it’s still possible to work offline with OneDrive for Business. OneDrive saves local copies of files to your device’s hard drive or memory. When your device reconnects to the Internet, OneDrive synchs all files and any edits made to documents while you were offline to ensure you always have the latest versions safely stored. You can also scroll back to earlier versions of a file using Version History.


OneDrive makes collaboration with your team and people outside your organisation easy and secure. You can protect confidential documents by setting password access controls or only allowing the recipient to view a file but not download or edit it. OneDrive for Business uses disk-level and file-level encryption to protect your valuable data while at rest.

You can easily recover files accidentally deleted or maliciously attacked. OneDrive comes with virus scanning, suspicious activity monitoring and ransomware protection for Microsoft 365 subscribers. However, it is important that your IT administrator or managed service provider (MSP) introduce adequate security policies, procedures, access controls and staff training to ensure your data stays safe.

Mobile apps

OneDrive mobile apps for Android and Apple iOS enable you to create, edit, review and share files while on the go. Use the handy scan feature to capture and store receipts, whiteboards and invoices, for example. As part of Microsoft 365, OneDrive for Business integrates with SharePoint for document management and Teams collaboration and communications platform.

OneDrive for Business activity report

To help you understand how people are using OneDrive across your organisation, Microsoft 365 provides an activity report. You can see what files are viewed, edited, shared, deleted and how often. You can also gain insights into levels of staff cooperation, communication and productivity.

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