Cyber Security Assessment FAQs

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What is cyber security?

Cyber security protects of your data, IT network and devices from attack and accidental damage. Effective cyber security reduces the likelihood of an attack, and ensures that an organisation can quickly recover should the worse happen. It also helps your business comply with data protection regulations.

Why am I getting a Cyber Security Assessment?

A Cyber Security Assessment is a bit like a physical. It enables us to test the health and wellbeing of your building’s cyber security, diagnose any problems and prescribe the right remedy.

What do I get from a Cyber Security Assessment?

The goal of our Cyber Security Assessments is to improve the cyber security for your site. First, a Modern Networks engineer will scan your IT systems and assess your hardware and software setup. Next, based on the results of the scan, we will produce a report that highlights any vulnerabilities and the actions needed to fix them. Our report will also explain where certain security standards must be applied to ensure regulatory compliance.

Why is cyber security important?

Cyber security protects your building and your business in many different ways. It helps prevent disruptive cyber attacks and costly data breaches. It enables you and your staff to work productively and safely. It ensures you meet compliance obligations and so avoid large penalties. It protects your company’s reputation, lowers insurance premiums and can even help attract new business.

What are the consequences of a cyber attack?

A cyber attack can have a major impact on your building and business. It can disrupt or stop people working. It can interfere with vital building systems such as lighting, heating, access control, fire alarms and parking. A data breach could mean bad publicity, lost contracts, damage to your business reputation, higher insurance premiums and legal action. A failure to have deployed adequate security measures might also mean fines and other regulatory sanctions.

What is required from me?

A Modern Networks engineer will contact you to make an initial assessment of all IT equipment and systems on site. This will include any third party software such as CCTV and access control. The call will take about 10 minutes. We will also ask you to complete and return a customer questionnaire. Our engineers will do the rest.

What steps are involved in the assessment?

A Modern Networks engineer will discreetly scan your building’s IT network to check for vulnerabilities and policies on the workstations. Next, we will review the data and prepare a detailed report of our findings. Finally, we will make appropriate recommendations based on IT industry standards and best practice.

How long will the assessment take?

Initially, we scan just one workstation connected to the network. This takes about 15 minutes. Afterwards we will be able to scan the entire network without any user intervention or disruption.

What is included in the Cyber Security Assessment?

We assess all IT equipment connected to the Building Management Network. We do not assess your tenants IT systems. Where third party equipment is connected to the Building Management Network, such as CCTV, we will contact the suppliers to gain an understanding of the state of the equipment.

Why should Windows 7 machines be upgraded?

Windows 7 will become obsolete on January 14th 2020. This means Windows 7 will be out of compliance. It will no longer receive support, upgrades, bug fixes or critical security patches. Additionally, you cannot encrypt data on Windows 7 Professional, which leaves you vulnerable to malware and ransomware. If you are still running Windows 7 workstations, you should contact Modern Networks immediately to move to Windows 10.

What is encryption and why is it important?

Encryption is a way to encode data so that only authorised people can access it. Encryption is the most effective way to ensure your data is secure. Microsoft’s BitLocker encrypts your entire computer hard drive, protecting your data from hackers and malware. BitLocker also prevents any unauthorised or accidental changes to your systems. BitLocker is not compatible with Windows 7 Professional. 

Does the Cyber Security Assessment cover equipment that is not Supported by Modern Networks (CCTV, Access Control, etc)?

As part of the assessment best endeavours will be made by Modern Networks to ensure that any equipment supported by a third party meets our security standards. Examples of our security standards are systems should be backed up and have up-to-date anti-virus. We will contact your third party suppliers on your behalf to confirm the security standards are met. In the event that we do not receive a response from the third party we will highlight this to site. We will also highlight where third party equipment and systems do not meet the security standards.

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