3 ways to make your laptop’s battery last longer

In this short tech tip video, we explain 3 ways you can get a bit more juice out of your laptop’s battery.

3 ways to make your laptop’s battery last longer

Laptops are great because you can work anywhere. Until your battery dies, anyway.

So here are three things you can do to squeeze another couple of hours out of your battery.

1. Adjust your laptop’s power settings.

Your laptop’s default settings will be geared up to help it perform at its best. But this will use more of your battery’s power.

Try changing your settings to a power saving mode to stop this from happening.

2. Reduce screen brightness

Make your screen a little less bright and you’ll conserve more of your energy.

3. Make sure programs are shut down correctly

If software programs are still running in the background, they could unnecessarily use battery life. Make sure they’re all turned off to save power.

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