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Will virtual application streaming be the technology that transforms architecture practices?

by Charlie Trumpess

 11th November 2014 9:05 am

At Modern Networks we are always on the move; we understand just what it’s like to be racing from one meeting to the next trying to squeeze in our desk jobs from various devices, from different locations – sometimes this will be a client’s office; sometimes the train; and occasionally even the pub!  Wherever we are, it’s important for us to be able to access our applications – you’ve no doubt found yourself in the same position.

It can be even harder for architecture firms than most – being able to access resource intensive applications remotely, on smaller and more portable devices have caused huge headaches for the architects on the move, and for the people that need to work with them. Most in fact, are tied to working only from the office. Are you one of the firms still struggling to manage this?

Think how technology could transform how architects work at your practice. If you are struggling to manage the demands of running such applications as AutoDesk Revit, AutoDesk 3DS and Bentley MicroStation as well as all the other applications demanded today, you would probably be interested in knowing that it doesn’t have to be like this. Imagine if you could run all those memory-intensive specialist applications from outside the office, on any device, even on a WiFi connection.

When international architecture firm Make Architects approached us to help them manage the demands of being increasingly onsite, and more international than ever before, it was because it was just no longer practical to be tied to the desk in order to carry out their work.

Due to the resource intensive nature of the industry’s business applications, and having to work collaboratively on very large data sets, architects were previously dependent on expensive desktop hardware, expensive WAN links, and working within the confines of their own offices. The solution we delivered using Cisco and Citrix technology has truly mobilised their workforce. Now, wherever there is an internet connection, all the applications required are accessible from any device – be it laptop, workstation, tablet or even the phone. In short, we have enabled Make’s international team to collaborate effectively. And in doing this, we’ve cut their overheads dramatically by reducing expensive broadband costs, and by allowing them to work from anywhere.

The solution has broken down the traditional barriers of location, and international time differences; so now, wherever the architects at Make are working, they can get on with their desk job.

We think this is pretty ground-breaking stuff – and so do the architects who are benefiting from it. We believe that our solution can be used across the industry to remarkable effect – in fact, we think this marks a shift in the way architecture practices will use technology to drive their businesses into the future.

Your resource pool just got larger!

We would like to invite you to join the Group for Architects and Technology Specialists where you can air your views on ‘Creating the Virtual Practice’, enabling architects to work on any device with all the applications they need over an internet connection.