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Webinar Recording: Purple WiFi: Engaging With Your Centre Visitors

by Charlie Trumpess

 21st July 2015 11:15 am

Would you like to offer your customers free guest WiFi and still get a return?

Click here to view the Webinar recording and find out from Purple Wifi on how:

  • Purple WiFi uses social media login or a short form for a better user experience, at the same time allowing you to collect key demographic data and contact details.
  • Purple WiFi helps you gain more insight about the visitors in your centre and customer via comprehensive data capture, analytics and reports.
  • How you can  engage with your customers to help enhance their visit. Purple WiFi allows you to interact with your customers, in real time, via on-screen advertising and marketing tools.

And hear how Purple WiFi has helped others such as Alhambra CentreThe Orchards and Stables Market.

Visitors in public venues have come to expect free WiFi, but traditionally it hasn’t offered much benefit to the provider. Purple Wifi’s solution changes that – offering a seamless combination of free, family-friendly WiFi for your customers and real time analytics for you; that can be converted into powerful and bespoke marketing tactics.

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