Network Security Audit


Your IT network is probably one of your most valuable and overlooked assets. Computer networks have enabled businesses to work far more efficiently, collaboratively and flexibly while driving down costs. They have allowed us to make faster, more insightful business decisions, helped us bring our customers closer and serve them better. However, because computer networks are dynamic, constantly changing environments, they need to be properly monitored, managed and secured.

To help ensure the health, wellbeing and security of your IT network and the valuable data that resides on it, Modern Networks have developed the Network Security Audit. Our non-intrusive scans generate a ton of useful information about everything connected to your network, and the overall condition of your environment.

Our Network Security Audit follows a simple, three-step process:

  1. Face-to-face meeting to understand your business plans and objectives
  2. Run our scans of your systems and interpret the data
  3. Produce a detailed report and remedial action plan

Our report will highlight everything from unauthorized devices operating on your network to vulnerable legacy hardware and applications that pose a security risk. Our highly experienced team of network engineers will recommend a prioritized, remedial plan of action.

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Today, cybercrime represents one of the biggest threats to any business, large or small. Many smaller businesses simply never recover from the devastating results of a cyberattack. Instead, they go out of business. No one is immune from cybercrime, but you can be prepared to defend against an attack and recover quickly after the worst has happened.

Our Network Security Audit takes a long, hard look at how vulnerable your network is to internal and external threats.

We will provide you with an in-depth report on your network security risks, policies and permissions.

Our audit includes:

Hardware: Servers, workstations, printers, and non-AD devices (like switches/routers/printers).
Old computers that are still connected to the domain and should be removed.
Software: Systems with missing patches/service packs/security updates.
Local accounts (per-system) with weak/insecure passwords.
Systems with missing anti-virus, anti-spyware, or firewall misconfiguration.
Configuration: Security policy inconsistency across network servers/computers.
Outbound system access that should be blocked.
Lack of content filtering (social media, entertainment, pornography, illegal downloads).
Accessibility: Misconfiguration of user access to network shares.
Detailed breakdown of AD security group membership.
Security Risks: Old user accounts that still have access and should be disabled/removed.
Internal systems with open ports that pose a potential security risk.
External issues that put your network at risk of business disruption or data loss.

Download a copy of the Network Security Audit Brochure Now

Our Network Security Audit will stress test your IT network and identify any gaps or weaknesses in your systems, processes, policies and user behaviours that might endanger your business. Having identified your network threats and vulnerabilities, we will prepare a prioritized action plan to deal with the most serious issues first.

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