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Device as a Service

Are your computers fit for purpose?

Typically, organisations refresh their computers every three years. However, the capital cost of replacing an entire estate of PCs is significant. Instead, many businesses prefer to sweat their assets and keep machines running for four to five years without fully realizing the implications.

  • On average, older PCs cost 60% more to support.
  • A 4-year-old PC will take twice as long to perform the same task as it did when new.
  • Around 24% out of warranty PCs fail annually.

Slow, temperamental PCs are more than just annoying for the user. They carry a very real business cost in terms of data security and lost productivity.


Modern Networks Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) enables you to equip your staff with the right technology for the job without incurring hefty capital costs. Modern Networks DaaS offers you a complete end-to-end managed solution for a predictable monthly fee  that includes:

  • Latest desktops, laptops & peripherals
  • Onsite configuration
  • Data migration*
  • Microsoft Office Standard*
  • Business class anti-virus
  • Web content filtering*
  • 10GB backup*
  • UK Service Desk support
  • Next Business Day repair-or-replace.

*Optional Extras

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