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Can your IT department improve the bottom line?

by Charlie Trumpess

 17th July 2014 8:40 am

Chances are you’ve already embraced, or are thinking about moving some of your on-premise applications to, the Cloud. You’ve upgraded your systems and invested in the technology that enables your team to connect from any location.

But how are your IT team coping with ‘keeping the lights on’ whilst still managing to deliver all the technology innovations that the employees expect?   We’ve found that many IT departments are struggling – struggling with the strain and drudgery of everyday tasks, such as maintenance and employee support, instead of being proactive.  If you can free up your highly skilled IT team from these ‘low-value tasks’ they can concentrate on delivering value to the business.

One way of reducing both strain on the IT team and cost of maintaining the infrastructure (chances are that 75-80% of your total IT spend currently goes on maintenance) is to outsource the management of IT.  Reducing the maintenance costs gives you a bigger slice of the budget to spend on innovation that will help you not just to stay where you are, but to move forward, and most importantly to grow your business.

It could be time to consider a fresh approach to how you deliver your IT by outsourcing all or some of it. We’ve helped other companies do exactly this. We think it’s time to make technology really work for the businesses it serves, not the other way round. We have found that when CFOs and FDs begin to change their mind set, they soon see that technology is a really powerful tool in growing the numbers, not just getting them to balance.

IT departments are changing; and at Modern Networks we believe that we can help you turn your cost centre into a profit centre. Keeping the lights on is no longer enough. IT should be a driving force, not a financial drain.