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Advances in technology gives you access to talent all over the world (and helps you become a more ‘flexible employer’).

by Charlie Trumpess

 4th December 2014 2:34 pm

It’s a big statement – but’s it doable now.

As a business in the UK you have to (if requested) offer your employees flexible working arrangements that suits an employee’s need, for example, having flexible start and finish times, job sharing, be part-time, and have compressed hours.  And all employees have the legal right to request flexible working which includes Architects.

So, how do architect practices fare?  Architects’ mobility and flexibility is restricted by bandwidth hungry and complex software necessary to do the job.  Being office-based (not being able to work from home), and working in a team (need to collaborate 24/7 on projects) doesn’t quite fit with the implementation of ‘flexible working’ as laid out in their policy!

Using the advances in technology Modern Networks has been able to release an architectural practice (MAKE Architects) from these constraints. (Read their story here). The release of NVidia K2 GRID technology and the combination of validated designs from Cisco and Citrix to deliver application streaming solution (more here) ensures the user experience for design applications is as good if they use it anywhere as it is if they were sitting in their practice office.

This mobility (using their existing software applications on any device) has given them tremendous benefits, not just for them personally in their work/life balance, but for their clients as they can now work onsite using a normal WiFi connection.

Let’s take this a step further. True mobility and collaboration breaks down barriers (land and sea).  You can work from anywhere, communicate with, and employ architects in other cities and countries; to share ideas and plans and make decisions faster on the go, saving time and money.

Think about what the access to this talent could bring to your business – what you could offer your clients.

Your resource pool just got larger!

We would like to invite you to join the Group for Architects and Technology Specialists where you can air your views on ‘Creating the Virtual Practice’, enabling architects to work on any device with all the applications they need over an internet connection.